Thursday, January 1, 2009

Karlin Stolin raises $20 million dollars from "Heimishe Yidden" for Holocaust Work

The renowned grassroots organization Karlin Cares, a part of Karlin Stolin Center for Holocaust Studies and Volunteering, has recently announced that they have raised $20 million dollars to benefit their continued work. Most of the donations were from "poshute" individuals within the pan-Chasidishe community, inlcuding, Bobov, Nitra, Ger, Pupa and Rachmastrivke.

Grand Rabbi Baruch Yaakov Meir Shochet of Karlin-Stolin said, "We are now able to continue our broad range of holy work, which spans financing film projects related to the Holocaust to delivering "hartz-varming" soup (the Pupa Rebbetzin's famous recipe) to home bound survivors. To date, Karlin cares has delivered over 5000 pints of chicken soup and approximately 4200 pints of mushroom barley (with knaidlach) to home and hospital-bound Holocaust survivors.

Some of the films that were "green-lighted" as a result of financing made possible by the organization include, Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Defiance. Mark Herman, director and screenwriter for Boy in the Striped Pajamas said, "Thanks to the Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe, we are able to perpetuate the powerful message of 'Never Forget' and the idea for the film could not have come to fruition without the finance and blessings of the Rebbe."

Mi Kiamchoo Yisroooel?

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