Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Off to Drink the Kool Aid...

Vizhnitz. Rachmatrisvka. Krasne. Kloisenberg. Boyan. Satmar. Pupa. Mosheelee. Belz.

These, in chronological order of when they were spotted, were only some of the "dynasties" responsible for the school bus frenzy that I witnessed this morning during my search for a suitable parking spot for alternate-side parking day.

Bleary-eyed, irate, vested hunkie bus drivers in their 20s and 30s, frustrated at the occupational plight to which they are resigned (as a result of their own schooling in one or another of the above-mentioned institutions) leaned on their horns with literally non-stop honking, while battling pedestrians, drivers, firefighters - and one another - for precious rush-hour space along 12th Ave and its periphery.

I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that thousands of children are being bussed around BP on a daily basis, to and from schools that are mostly within walking distance of their homes. What is even more troubling is that the schools serve no purpose other than to indoctrinate innocent children with mental (and physical, of course) molestation, lies and total submission to individual fiefdoms. That there is virtually no English language instruction or any form of secular education being offered is the ultimate fraud to local taxpayers and even more so to the child victims and all Jews for that matter.

When I was forced to come to a sudden stop in middle of a one way block - for the third time - while waiting for an unnamed school bus (Pupov maybe?) diagonally thrown across the street with its blinking stop sign making room for the 20-year-old, brown-seamed-stockinged, turban-wearing mother of two, it suddenly hit me – Gerrer girls school happens to be very good.“They teach math!”

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