Saturday, January 3, 2009

Drudge: Gerrer Rebbe Deploys 500 Troops to Gaza. "Onward we march!"

According to an as yet unpublished Drudge Report, The Gerrer Rebbe, Admor Yaakov Aryeh Alter has deployed approximately 500 of the strongest bochurim to Gaza. Although Bobov was ready to defend Israel with their own infantry deployment, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, "We would rather have Ger because their bochurim are more serious - especially in their stalwart opposition to anything that compromises Israeli security." Once a Gerrer chasid forgoed his Kommandant-prescribed, once-weekly relations with his wife in order to help build the Israeli Security Fence.

According to sources close within the Gerrer dynasty, the Rebbe was not keen on Nachal HaChareidi as a way for his bochurim to defend Israel because he felt strongly about the passage in Kohelet that speaks about "A time for war and a time for peace." He was quoted as saying "The defense of Israel should not be compromised by things unrelated to fighting - like shiurim and rosh yeshivas..if we need to defend Israel, we need it to be done all the way. There is a time for passivity and learning and now is not that time."

Gerrer bochurim in America were rounded up Erev Shabbos (sakana trumps Shabbos, of course) and were on a private flight within hours of being made aware of the mission. The flight was chartered by a very nice guy.

In June of 2005 the Rebbe made Jewish Blogosphere headlines when he announced Moshiach's arrival by "this year or the end of next year." Critics say that the troop deployment to Gaza was in fact one made out of guilt - the Rebbe felt badly about his miscalculations and this is how he will rectify it...

Mi Kiamchoo Yisrooel.

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