Saturday, November 1, 2008

NICE GUY of the month award

Recognize him? If not then you're not "with it." His face is only visible to top guys in the business and real players...if you don't order prime grill for snack then you probably don't understand.

Do you think he just counts money all day? He's a nice guy! When he's not closing big deals, he's scaling buildings and fighting evil. He once threw a fantastic party @ Prime Grill just for poor widows of Kollel Yungerman (okay, so they had to pay for their meal - but to sit w/ the CEO of the world?!) and donated wind turbines to help provide clean energy for the earth-conscious people of Kiryas Joel.

Once in middle of an office meeting @ Le Carne, he ran out of the private party room to go take a dump (he ate too much sushi appetizer) and according to the person who went into the bathroom after him, it actually smelled very fragrant - like vanilla and jasmine!

Like the Satmar Rebbe (the other one) says about him: Ad Maya V'eysrim $huna!

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