Monday, December 15, 2008

Chunka in the Ir Habira

Washington, DC - President George W. Bush recognized the importance of Bobov, Buhosh, Veretzky, and Veyaipol and their relationship to the miracle of Chanuka

The story of Hanukkah recalls the miraculous victory of a small band of patriots against tyranny, and the oil that burned for eight nights, Bush said in welcoming about 70 guests to the White House reception for the holiday, which begins at sundown on Dec. 21. The highlight of the event was the "fressing" of the "vintage keegel" because this truly shows our "hakaras hatoiv" to oil. 

Hanukkah commemorates the Jews' successful rebellion against suppression of their religion under the Syrian-Greek empire in 165 B.C.E. Led by the Maccabee family, the Jews drove the Greeks from Jerusalem and reclaimed the Jerusalem Temple for religious services.

Bush compared the Maccabee's victory with the founding of Kiryas Yoel, The Yarche Kallah program in Lakewood, The Skever Mikvah, and the Mirrer Shiur Klali, which he called " incredible miraculous victories."

"When the Skulya Dayan's Shviger led the world in recognizing the importance of Kiryas Joel in May of 1971, many wondered whether the small but competitive, earth conscious bastion of highly educated village members could possibly survive," Bush said.

In honor of this event, the reception featured the "fressing" of the "vintage keegel" commissioned by Harav Chatzkel Bunim Noyach, the first admor of Seret-Bushtyn and given to President Nixon in 1971. The grandsons maggid shiur of these two leaders, Admor M'Seret-Bushtyn Shlita and Bob Nixon, ate the keegel together.

After the fressing, The Handsome Rebbe gave an inspirational speech on the importance of being a good neighbor and more accepting of peoples flaws.

Tosher Hoise Buchir, Tsanzer Rebbetzin, and Veretzky Shamish were in attendance.

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