Thursday, April 23, 2009

Genetics Breakthrough at the Prestigious YTU

As a result of a breakthrough scientific study that took nearly a decade to complete, Yagdil Torah University (YTU) is making strides in biogenetics once again. Geneticists at YTU have reportedly developed a method of generating stem cells in puppies, using recombinant DNA, that will manipulate the genes of ordinary housepets, enabling them to run at speeds of nearly forty miles per hour! Additionally, the little doggies - if you can call them "little" - will have the strength of camels and will be able to transport loads up to one hundred times their weight. besides for the positive impact on the environment (transportation vehicles and the associated environmentally toxic byproducts will be less prevalent) and the ease of congestion on roads everywhere, the main function of the super-dogs will be to deliver soup by-the-case for Bikur Cholim.

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