Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ah Chitzpoo is pleased to announce "Profiles" a new series that will recognize some of the top achievers in our wonderful (Mee Kiamchooo Yisroooel) society, highlighting those who have dedicated their lives with powerful careers that serve our community. This week we will focus on one man known as the "Freud of Fialkoff's."

Dr. Yaakov Salomon received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Zidichover at Berkeley in 1980. Since receiving his degree, he has worked as a lecturer in the School of Psychology at KU (Klausenberg University, of course) where he teaches graduate courses such as The Assessment of Children and Educational Interventions, and serves a clinical supervisor for School Psychology student interns in field placements in "Talmudical seminaries". Dr. Salomon has also worked part-time as a school psychologist for the past five years. In 2002 Dr. Salomon was awarded a National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship for his research on the social context of early schooling and young children's school adjustment. More specifically, his research program focuses on examining whether the type of practices teachers use, and in particular how students perceive these practices, play a role in the development of academic, behavioral, and socio-emotional competencies. Dr. Salomon resides with his wonderful wife and children in Brooklyn, NY.

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